Have you heard of Braille or British Sign Language? These two methods of communication are more widely known and are used by people with a visual impairment, hearing impairment or are deaf.

Easy read is way of making information accessible for people with a Learning Disability.

As with Braille and British Sign Language, Easy Read under the Equalities Act 2010 is a reasonable adjustment to ensure people are treated fairly and this includes access to information.

If a person requests information in easy read do you have the provision in place to provide it?  Click here for more information.

Organisation funded or part funded by the NHS or Adult Social Care are required under the Accessible Information Standard to provide accessible information for people who have a communication need due to a disability or sensory loss.

Producing easy read information in a timely manner is a key consideration in this.  Do you have a system in place?

The CQC looks at an organisations provision of accessible information.  Organisations need to demonstrate that they are working in partnership with a person to support them to understand information and make decisions about their own care and treatment.

Having information available and accessible to as many people as possible makes sense!

Find out more about easy read on our website www.easyreaduk.co.uk