Making information easy read is so much more than simplifying text and adding some pictures. I’ll take you through a simple conversion from standard written text to its easy read version.

Here’s an example of a plain english sentence I have taken from a ‘how to complain leaflet’.

On the surface this appears active, straightforward and concise written over three lines.

When I look at this text the words that jump out are ‘verbally’, ‘record’, ‘provided’ and ‘written copy’.  None of these are easy everyday words.

Here is the same message written for an easy read document.

How to complain

Talk to staff and tell them you are unhappy and want to complain.

Telephone us

03928 647382

If you telephone us we will write this down and send you a letter that says why you have complained.

Tell us if you want the letter in easy read.

Write to us

Customer services

32 Newfield lane



Using images is an essential part of making information easy read.  Images must be good quality, large, clear and relate to the key points.

The image below shows that those three lines of text held enough information to become a 1 page A4 sheet of easy read.

As you can see easy read isn’t just making things simpler.  A lot of work goes into making information easy read.  If you are interested in finding out more about our easy read training, please click here.